About me

I am gclv. I work as a programmer at a fintech company in the UK. I was born in South America. I am a Christian. I like to discuss metaphysics and exercise physiology. You couldn’t tell from looking at me, but I also lift. Most things (but not few people) have pages on the internet, so I thought, why shouldn’t I. I try to keep a list of things I am interested in over on my Now page. And individual posts are over on Posts.

About this site

I came across Montaigne, which powers this website, while looking for an alternative to Blot, which at one point powered my personal website. I was a great fan of the usability (what the founder calls “no interface”), and the fact that the entire codebase is in the public domain. Still, I have never been a fan of Dropbox, so that made me feel a little icky. To my surprise, the Blot creator is confident enough to keep a list of competitors on his own website, which is how I came across Montaigne. The usability is simply unbeatable: it is one of those ideas so good, it just made my day. More interesting still is how this is so clearly an early-stage product (eg: hyperlinks don’t work), it just feels so personal. I have no idea whose mind this is a product of, but I am excited to be part of the journey!